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Are you worried about all of the toxins you breathe in just by going through your daily routine? Are you facing a drug test at work and concerned that some of the everyday elements you come in contact with could cause a false positive result, causing you to lose your job, end up in jail or miss a good career opportunity? If so, Speed Detox can help.


Speed Detox Fruit Punch Fast, Speed Detox, Detox Drink, Great Taste
Price: $9.99
Speed Detox Grape Detox Drink, Speed Detox, Great Taste, Fast Acting
Price: $9.99
Speed Detox Kiwi Strawberry Great Taste, Speed Detox, Fast Acting, Detox Drink
Price: $9.99
Speed Detox Lemon Lime Extra Strength Extra Strength, Great Taste, Fast Acting, Speed Detox, Detox Drink
Price: $9.99
Speed Detox Pomegranate Blueberry Great Taste, Fast Acting, Speed Detox, Detox Drink
Price: $9.99
Speed Detox Sour Apple Great Taste, Fast Acting, Speed Detox, Detox Drink
Price: $9.99


What is Speed Detox?

Speed Detox is a product that helps to accelerate the urine cleansing process to assist the body in breaking down drug metabolites and toxins, therefore helping to increasing the effectiveness of detox drinks. Our special Speed Detox formula includes echinacea, guarana and milk thistle, all natural ingredients.

Benefits of using Speed Detox

Speed Detox is a powerfully fast detox system, designed to rid the body of excess toxins quickly. It's not made specifically to help you beat a drug test. The only 100% sure-fire way to do that is to abstain from using drugs. However, Speed Detox can rid your system of all of those toxins that might get you in trouble with your boss or the court system.

Our Speed Detox product line

Speed Detox comes in six delicious flavors-- kiwi strawberry, sour apple, grape, acai berry, tropical punch and pomegranate blueberry. Our products are widely available, in convenience stores, tobacco shops and novelty stores.

Kiwi Strawberry The fresh taste of berry with just a hint of tart kiwi
Sour Apple Just like sour apple candy
Grape A simple, tasty classic
Tropical Punch Pineapple, mango, papaya and passion fruit
Pomegranate Blueberry The tartness of pomegranate and the sweetness of blueberry: a winning combination
Extra Strength Lemon Lime With 200mg more effectiveness, our extra strength formula is sure to give you our maximum effectiveness in a delicious lemon lime flavor.

Speed Detox couldn't be easier to use. You simply drink the bottle down in one sitting, then fill the container with water and drink that 15 minutes later. After 45 minutes your system should be cleansed of all toxins. It's that simple and that fast!

So, you can stop worrying about whether some past behavior or something you breathed in or ate will skew your drug test results. You don't have to worry about losing your job or being denied a job offer due to a positive drug test. Speed Detox can give you the peace of mind of knowing your system is clean. All sales are final.



Speed Detox is marketed by USA Millennium, LLC in Beaumont, Texas. We are committed to offering only quality, safe and effective products. We're not a fly-by-night company that is here one day and gone the next. Our products are created and packaged by skilled technicians in a sterile setting and our products are tested and reliable.

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