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Speed Detox is a product that helps to accelerate the urine cleansing process to assist the body in breaking down drug metabolites and toxins. This helps to increasing the effectiveness of detox drinks. Our special Speed Detox formula includes echinacea, guarana, ginseng, milk thistle, and other natural ingredients.

Acai Berry is a new, flavorful addition to our lineup.

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Drink contents of bottle*

Wait 15 minutes

Drink 16oz of water

Wait 45 Minutes

You are ready to go

*It is suggested that you only consume 1 serving every 10-20 minutes with water in between. The entire contents of the bottle may be consumed in 1 day, but it is not suggested to consume the entire bottle in 1 session.

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For Maximum Effectiveness

Avoid all toxins for 48 hours prior to use of Speed Detox.

Follow a regular eating schedule.

Limit water intake to 16 oz per hour after use.

Speed Detox’s effective period is 45 minutes to 12 hours.

Effective range weight is under 200lbs. (If you are over 200 lbs drink two)

Are you worried about all of the toxins you breathe in just by going through your daily routine? Are you facing a drug test at work and concerned that some of the everyday elements you come in contact with could cause a false positive result, causing you to lose your job, end up in jail or miss a good career opportunity? If so, Speed Detox can help.

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